Meet Darrell Rodriguez

Candidate for US Congress – Texas District 4

Meet Darrell Rodriguez Candidate for US Congress  Texas District 32Darrell Rodriguez is not famous or a leading figure in the community because he has spent the last 8 years giving all his time and energy to students and their education. He’s a former science teacher with Dallas ISD, a college academic advisor, and a nonprofit fundraiser. He currently works as a school counselor in Collin County.

For some strange reason, there is this belief that someone must be a millionaire, bow down to special interests, and be a career politician to represent people in the US House of Representatives. The people in Texas District 4 disagree. Teachers, police officers, nurses, social workers, firefighters and other voices need to be at the table making decisions. Washington has been controlled by millionaires and special interests for too long, and we need people like Darrell representing the people’s voice.

Darrell grew up in McKinney, Texas. He attended the ACT Academy and graduated from McKinney High School. He then attended Baylor University and obtained a degree in News/Editorial Journalism with a minor in World Affairs. He later went on to get a Master's degree in Interdisciplinary Studies from The University of Houston-Victoria.

Darrell has always been an advocate for social justice and equality. After college, he was elected as a Democratic Precinct Chair in Houston, and he became an official voter registrar. He volunteered for political campaigns, did block-walking, talked to people in the community, posted signs, and registered people to vote. Political activism, marching in rallies, letter-writing campaigns, calling congressmen, and doing community service used to occupy much of his time until he became a teacher.

There are many ways to bring about positive change in the community. As a teacher, all of Darrell’s time and energy was devoted to educating and inspiring kids. Teachers sacrifice so much of their time, energy, emotions, and personal lives to not only educate, but to touch kids' lives in ways that the political elite will never understand. Darrell was blessed to have many great teachers in his life that helped shape his character, inspired his love of learning, and exposed him to opportunities that were beyond anything he could have imagined.

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