Rodriguez Endorses Catherine Krantz


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Dallas, TX - December 11, 2017– Former congressional candidate Darrell Rodriguez announced his endorsement today for Democrat Catherine Krantz. Krantz is a Rains County candidate for US Congress Representing Texas' 4th Congressional District, "She has emerged as the best candidate in the district in decades," Rodriguez said. He expressed why Krantz has his endorsement, "I believe in her ability to empower progressive voices in one of the reddest districts in the US," Rodriguez said. "The US Congress is a millionaire club of white men that don't represent the values of most Americans, and now is the time to elect women who represent the people."

Krantz filed for candidacy last week with the Democratic Party of Texas, and announced her campaign at a kickoff party at a Rockwall, Texas restaurant on Saturday. "I'm excited by all the energy and enthusiasm that she has generated, her professional accomplishments, and the values she represents," Rodriguez said. "I will be doing everything I can to support her candidacy, and I urge progressives in Texas' Fourth to do the same."

To learn more about Catherine Krantz, visit her campaign website at

You can contribute to the Krantz campaign by clicking here.

For more information, contact the Krantz campaign at or  903-221-8181.

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Rodriguez Ends Campaign for US Congress


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Leonard, TX November 28, 2017– Democratic Candidate Darrell Rodriguez announced that his Campaign for United States Congress has ended in a statement delivered to his campaign team today. “Republican John Ratcliffe ran unopposed in the last two elections, and literally walked into congress without a major party challenger,” Rodriguez said. “I decided to run for his seat because I believe that no one should run unopposed, and progressives deserve a candidate who can represent their values at the ballot box.” The Democratic candidate expressed why he is dropping out of the race, “I am inspired by speaking with progressives in district four who intend to run, and I feel they are remarkable individuals who are extremely qualified.”

Rodriguez began his campaign for Texas’ 32nd congressional district located in the Dallas metropolitan area represented by Republican Pete Sessions. He stated he chose to run against him because, like Ratcliffe, Sessions ran unopposed in 2016. With over 700,000 people in Texas’ 32nd district, not a single person stepped forward to represent progressive values. Rodriguez explained that he wouldn’t allow that to happen again. “I promised my family and friends that I would stand up, that I would run, and I kept my promise,” Rodriguez said. Several weeks after Rodriguez announced his campaign, there were 11 Democratic candidates who had officially announced their bid for Sessions seat, including former Obama administration officials. With talk of a 12th candidate that was to join, Rodriguez withdrew from the race. In a rare move, however, his campaign for a seat in the US Congress continued. Rodriguez switched to the neighboring 4th district race because he said Ratcliffe was the only Republican in Texas without a Democratic challenger. “Most of my family lives in district 4, and I also lived there for years, but Dallas, Texas is my home,” Rodriguez said. “The people would be best served by someone who lives and works in District 4, and I look forward to endorsing a Democrat in the primary.” Rodriguez expressed that he would play an active role in supporting progressives. “I am very excited for the future of progressives all over North and East Texas, and I will actively campaign to help get our diverse candidates elected,” Rodriguez said.

Rodriguez explained that he was on the receiving end of a lot of hateful rhetoric on social media, on posts, comments, in emails, instant messages, texts, voicemails, and phone calls. When someone steps into the public spotlight, they can generally expect a lot of negative experiences, but Rodriguez explains that these experiences aren’t like those experienced by candidates in the past, “Donald Trump has inspired a whole group of millions of followers who are now proud to openly express bigoted, hateful, and downright inhumane vitriol at anyone who represents diversity, such as a gay, Hispanic candidate like myself,” Rodriguez said. Rodriguez explained how he handled the inflammatory hate speech, “I’m not the type of person to sit quietly without challenging open acts of hatred and discrimination, so it was extremely hard at first to ignore the daily intrusion.” Rodriguez expressed that history will look back on the time period during the Trump presidency as dark time when poor moral leadership inspired hatred, misogyny, homophobia, racism, and other forms of discrimination. “I believe things will get better in our future, and to all the candidates out there who are experiencing the aggressive intensity of hateful rhetoric, I say that we shall endure and overcome.”

Rodriguez explained that his worldview was drastically expanded by talking to voters, political leaders, and activists, and also by the vast amount of reading, research, and preparation for the job of representing over 700,000 people. “Despite the odds of winning, I devoted a significant amount of time to the real possibility of having the responsibility of making decisions that have a local, national, and global impact,” Rodriguez said. “We live in a 24-hour news cycle, short-term memory bubble, where the daily dialog has been reduced to meaningless reality TV-style social and political entertainment banter, while ignoring the real challenges that Americans face.” Rodriguez explained that looking at the big picture caused him to have a paradigm shift, “I became increasingly aware of the singular most important challenge that humanity will face, that we are facing, our children will face, and all of our descendants will face. Climate change and the effects it will have on humans and every living thing on the planet is that issue. We need to begin taking steps to mitigate the impending disastrous impacts we will face, drastically reduce greenhouse gas levels, and make serious investments in confronting the challenges that lie ahead. My campaign has ended, but I will now embark on being an agent of change, and to advocate for sustainability and green energy."

“I am proud that I had the opportunity to run for United States Congress,” Rodriguez said. “It was one of the most incredible experiences of my life, and I am extremely grateful to everyone who believed in me.” Rodriguez continued to express his thanks, “I’m grateful to all the people who donated, volunteered, signed petitions, to my campaign team, my campaign advisors, my friends, and family, my employer, and all the constituents who promised me their vote, and most of all, to my partner who stood by my side through one of the most exhilarating and most challenging times in our lives.”


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Sherman, TX Campaign Event - Sunday, Nov. 5th

Sign up for "Let's Talk" in Sherman, TX by clicking HERE

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Freethought Equality Fund Endorses Darrell Rodriguez


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Washington D.C. – Thursday, November 2 – Today the Darrell for Congress Campaign Committee received notice that the Freethought Equality Fund has endorsed Darrell Rodriguez for US Representative in Texas’ 4th Congressional District race for 2018. The Freethought Equality Fund has been researching candidates in political races throughout the country and announcing their endorsements as well as providing financial support. “I believe in Equality for all, and that no matter who you are, or where you come from, everyone should be given the opportunity to succeed in America,” Rodriguez said. “Equality is what my campaign is all about, and I’m honored to have the endorsement of an organization that values humanism, the separation of church and state, and protecting the civil liberties of secular Americans, humanists, agnostics, atheists, LGBTQ Americans, and anyone who faces discrimination based on whether or not they are religiously affiliated.”

Rodriguez does not shy away from expressing his views on religion when it comes to civil liberties. “Most people will say that you never should talk religion or politics, but when Americans are under attack by laws that infringe on their rights and freedoms, I will speak out and defend them.”

Rodriguez was raised Baptist, but now describes himself as non-religious. “I have read the Bible and studied it closely because it was required reading for all students in the scriptures courses I took while attending Baylor University,” Rodriguez said. “I’m no longer a churchgoer, but I know that nobody should be discriminated against because of their beliefs or who they love.”

The Freethought Equality Fund is selective in their endorsements, but Rodriguez expressed he was not surprised by their decision. “I feel the Freethought Equality Fund organization has endorsed my candidacy because my campaign is centered around equality – period,” Rodriguez said. “Every issue that Americans face can all be summed up with one word – inequality – and I am running for congress to change that.”

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Overwhelming Support Floods Campaign Mailbox

Rodriguez to Take Campaign Districtwide

Monday, October 30th, 2017 – Darrell Rodriguez, Democratic challenger to Incumbent Congressman John Ratcliff, announced today he is taking his campaign on the road. “The people of Texas’ 4th District are excited to once again have someone who shares their values represented at the ballot box, and I am receiving overwhelming support from progressives all across the district,” Rodriguez said. “I plan to meet with voters in cities large and small throughout the district, to hear their concerns, to spread my message of equality for all, and to offer people the hope for change they deserve.”

Rodriguez posted a full schedule of campaign events, and hundreds of volunteers are signing up through his campaign website. “My campaign is being flooded by people who want to volunteer, and I’m overwhelmed by the amount of support I am receiving” Rodriguez said.

Darrell for Congress Campaign Schedule

Sherman, TX Sunday, November 5th
Rockwall, TX Wednesday, November 8th
Bonham, TX Saturday, November 11th
Texarkana, TX Wednesday, November 15th
Paris, TX Saturday, November 18th
Greenville, TX Wednesday, December 6th
Sulphur Springs, TX Saturday, December 9th
Mount Pleasant, TX Sunday, December 10th
Commerce, TX Wednesday, December 20th

* Future Campaign Events to be Announced at a Later Date

Rodriguez also plans on using the petition method to have his name placed on the Democratic Primary ballot, which is rarely used. “Paying over three thousand dollars to have my name placed on the ballot is a waste of money, and I believe the people should have a direct hand in deciding who represents them at the ballot box” Rodriguez said. Rodriguez is coordinating with a group of volunteers across the district to collect the required 500 signatures to submit to the Texas Secretary of State in lieu of a filing fee by launching a new district wide initiative, which he calls The People’s Choice Project – TX 4. “We want to collect thousands of signatures in one week, and when my name is on the ballot, it will be the people who put it there,” Rodriguez said.

To sign up to volunteer for the Darrell for Congress Campaign, visit and click “Volunteer.”

To sign up to attend a campaign event, CLICK HERE.

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