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Former Dallas ISD Educator Announces Bid for U.S. Congress - TX District 32

Overwhelming Response to Online Fundraiser Helped Kickstart Campaign


Dallas, TX April 26, 2017– Darrell Rodriguez wants to be the voice of the people in Congress for Texas District 32.

Today, Rodriguez, a former Dallas ISD educator, announced his bid for U.S. Congress in Texas District 32 to all his donors on GoFundMe that helped his campaign go from a dream to reality. He simultaneously unveiled his official website, Twitter, YouTube and updated his Facebook page. His chief platform issue: the middle class deserves a raise. Seventy six percent of Americans are living paycheck to paycheck, and they struggle as the cost of living increases while wages are stagnant.

“Millions of Americans are one check away from financial ruin,” Rodriguez, 34, said. “I call it ‘America’s Biggest Secret’ because talking about personal finances is considered rude in American culture, and most people feel alone in their financial struggle.”

Rodriguez previously taught 8th Grade Science at Sam Tasby Middle School with DISD. He has taught Middle School Science for the last five years at Dallas, Duncanville, and Houston ISDs. His previous jobs include college instructor, academic advisor, and fund development coordinator. While teaching, Rodriguez started a second job as an Uber driver.

“When you’re working hard, playing by the rules, and giving back to your community by being a public servant like a public-school teacher, you shouldn’t have to take a second job to stay ahead,” Rodriguez said. “In this economy, one out of every three Texas teachers takes a second job, and that’s a damn shame!”

On March 13, 2017, Rodriguez launched a GoFundMe fundraiser titled “My Dream to Run for U.S. Congress” not knowing what to expect. In less than two weeks, he raised more than enough money to pay the $3,125 fee needed to get on the Democratic Primary ballot. The fundraiser was shared almost 900 times through, and was viewed over 4,300 times on Facebook. Donors gave from the Dallas-Ft. Worth area and all over the country.

“I was overwhelmed because donations were coming in so fast, and on the day I shared my fundraiser I was getting at least 100 notifications a minute on Facebook,” Rodriguez, said.

Rodriguez has spent the past month carefully assembling a campaign committee, building a grassroots strategy to galvanize voters, and planning more fundraisers.

“Trump and the Republicans may have raised millions of dollars to help Pete Sessions defend his seat, but the people of Texas District 32 are not for sale,” Rodriguez said. “My fundraiser may be small potatoes to Pete Sessions, but unless he plans on paying people to vote for him, he will lose. Americans are tired of millionaire career politicians who don’t care about their problems. They want to be represented by everyday people who represent working-class values.”

Rodriguez is a young Democrat living in Dallas, Texas with his partner who works at a major Dallas hospital.

To see Rodriguez’s announcement for his run for U.S. Congress – TX District 32, visit his YouTube channel (


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